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Alba Tech Services, Corp

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Alba Tech is a domestic corporation within the state of New York, providing services in Tri-States and greater New York City Metropolitan area, Alba Tech, is one of New York City landing contractors, in the field of building restoration for landmark and historical projects. (Interior and Exterior)

Alba Tech is a second generation family owned business. It has been our promise and commitment that, with hard work expertise and high standards excellence, success would be realized. Over 25 years of experience in the construction industry as general contractors. All of our supervisors, foremen’s and labors, are skilled in their craft. As essential element of our job management procedure is that an experienced and proficient project manager runs each project. Landmark and historical projects are monitored from skilled and talented artisans and sculptors.

To ensure high quality standards the owners closely monitor each job. Alba Tech is fully insured, bonded and has succeeded to prominent status year after year and we can attribute our accomplishment to the trust and support of our clients.

Our experience helps our clients to bring their ideas in full satisfaction. Our staff of engineers makes the clients feel more comfortable in achieving their needs. Team coordination between clients, architects and us, bring the project completed on time, best alternative and on the budget.

Kindest regards,

Alba Tech, Staff


Alba Tech Restoration’s mission is to create architectural designs that are responsive to client needs and aspirations, aesthetically appealing, visually stimulating, and functionally adequate. We will help our clients achieve their building design aspirations – both now and in the future – and work proactively with them to achieve future goals. This requires a sound understanding of our clients' needs through thorough professional research and analysis. We are committed to meeting these goals with the highest professional standards possible.

We are authorized Roofing Applicators form All manufactures, Nationwide.

Experience Counts

Because we focus on the building exterior, we have specialized expertise in a wide range of materials, construction methods, and building types, from the subtleties of historic brick restoration to he challenges of selecting a parking structure surface treatment. We evaluate energy efficiency, structural, integrity, and the condition of existing materials. Our projects range from rero design to rehabilitation of a group of twenty buildings. When ALBA TECH design a solution, we consider how or building component affects another. While the quick-fix answer might mend a trouble spot for the moment, “band-aid” repairs can actually make the problem worse.

Sustainable design is lasting design.

Our architects and engineers specialize in correcting damage by addressing the underlying cause, so that once a problem has been solved, it’s solved for the long term. Whatever the scope, our design professionals focus on critical, yet easily overlooked details that make the difference between a good idea poorly executed and a solution that holds up over time.Explore our services for rehabilitation, restoration, litigation and claim support, and consultation and learn how to put experience to work for you.

Exterior Rehabilitation

Protection against the elements. It’s building enclosure’s basic task. But time, weather, defects, and stress conspire compromise a structure’s defenses. What to do when leaks and cracks threaten building integrity?

You depend on your building.

Your building depends on ALBA TECH RESTORATION

Thorough investigation, innovative design, comprehensive details, and vigilant oversight are the trademarks of a Hoffman Architects project. We provide consultation, investigation, and remediation services for:

  • Facades and windows
  • Roofs
  • Parking structures
  • Plazas and terraces

From skyscrapers to suburban facilities to historic landmarks, ALBA TECH develops custom solutions to meet the aesthetic and technical demands of every structure.

Facades and Windows

Put your best face forward. A cracked, leaking, rusted, or crumbling façade not only diminishes property value, it could mean trouble. We’ve reached up to gingerly inspect an exterior wall, only to find pieces of it dropping into our hands.

This is your building’s first impression.

Make it count

Nothing says more about the integrity of a building than a gleaming façade. Beyond aesthetics, we’ve helped building owners and managers optimize energy efficiency, improve lighting and ventilation, and solve moisture and mold problems by correcting design flaws, construction errors, and the effects of the time. Our services for facades and windows include:

  • Failure investigation
  • Window evaluation and restoration/replacement
  • Curtain wall rehabilitation
  • Structural evaluation
  • Document and historical data review
  • Surveys to meet local law and landmark requirements
  • Façade cleaning programs
  • Materials selection and specification
  • Rehabilitation design and detailing
  • Bidding assistance
  • Construction management / contract administration
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance master planning

From proactive repairs to reskinning a building, our façade work runs the gamut. Fortunately, our outcomes do not evaluate time, we consistently deliver clients a water-tight, attractive building exterior. To learn more, view relevant projects.

Historic and Landmark Restoration

ALBA TECH restorations or major architectural icons go beyond resolving the leaks and cracks that plague all buildings over time. Our Surveys and remedial designs have won recognition, from historical stewards like the New York Landmarks Conservancy and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, for their innovative solutions to technical problem and for their respect for aesthetic integrity.

Applying new technologies, respecting time-honored craftsmanship.

Over 30 years of restoring the outsides of buildings has lent ALBA TECH diverse yet specialized experience. Our services included:

  • Failure investigation
  • Restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation
  • Façade cleaning and repair programs
  • Historical data and document review
  • Liaison with landmarks and historic commissions
  • Schematic design and document preparation
  • Structural engineering
  • Oversight of material matching and original design fidelity
  • On-site project representation

Not all landmark buildings use the same materials, or use them in the same way. Our architects and engineers understand equally well the structural demands of the nation’s pioneer skyscrapers as they do the marble, slate, iron, and terra of structures a hundred years older.

Rehabilitation Master Planning

Anticipating the useful life and performance of building envelope systems-and planning repairs accordingly-can be a daunting task, particularly at a facility with many buildings, such as a university campus or hospital complex. Prioritizing rehabilitation needs can also be challenging at historic and landmark structures, where even a single building can have enough repair and upkeep demands to warrant a systematic program of building envelope management.

An Action plan for everything, from routine maintenance to major rehabilitation.

When it comes to the building envelope, prioritizing rehabilitation efforts can save time, money, and resources by organ repairs to build on one another over time. ALBA TECH has the experience to develop master plan documents to address exterior envelope issues now, planning for the long term. Our services include:

  • Condition assessment
  • Prioritized rehabilitation planning
  • Schematic design and document preparation
  • Integration with consultants, e.g. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; Interior restoration; landscape and sitework.
  • Scope development
  • Historic preservation consulting
  • Value engineering
  • Construction sequencing coordination
  • Repair/maintenance manual development

With nearly four decades of experience in the diagnosis and resolution of building envelope distress. ALBA TECH has developed custom plans to meet the needs of a range of clients and building types, from corporate centers to school national monuments. Find out what we can do for you.


Why has “a roof over your head” become synonymous with comfort and shelter? Given the number of typical roofing problems, the expression should more accurately connote dripping ceilings and headaches.

From green roofs to historic slate, we know the issues, and we know the solution.

Inappropriate design, Poor installation, severe weather. Old age. Whatever the cause, roof leaks can quickly lead to interior and structural damage. How you know where to find the leak, how to fix it, or whether it’s time for a new roofs. You call us. ALBA TECH has been resolving roof distress for over three decades. Our services for roofs includes.

  • Leak investigation
  • On-site and laboratory testing and analysis
  • Structural evaluation
  • Document review
  • Waterproofing consultation
  • Repair/replacement/rehabilitation design
  • Maintenance planning
  • Materials selection and specification
  • Bidding assistance
  • Contract administration and project oversight

We’ve seen it all: flat roofs, such as built-up, sheet, and fluid-applied, as well as high-slope roofing, including metal, class asphalt, and stone. We’re also versed in the consideration of living roofs, cool roofs, and other emerging technologies. To learn more, view relevant projects.

Waterproofing Consultation and Design

All too open, attempts to treat symptoms of waterproofing failure only make things worse. Moisture trapped by haphaz applied sealers or poorly designed drains can cause hidden deterioration. Left unchecked, it can even lead hazardous conditions, from structural damage to mold.

Leaks don’t fix themselves.

That’s where we come in. From detailing roof intersections to rehabilitating plazas over occupied space, virtually everything we do is about keeping buildings dry. Lobbies, Kitchens, tunnels, vaults, basements, fountains develop custom solutions for challenging areas. ALBA TECH waterproofing consultation services include:

  • Water infiltration investigation
  • On-site and laboratory testing evaluation
  • Forensic evaluation
  • Positive and negative side waterproofing design
  • Peer review and design consultation
  • Diagnosis and correction of design and construction errors
  • Water damage rehabilitation
  • Waterproofing construction administration
  • Litigation and insurance claim support

For over 30 years, building owners and design professionals have chosen ALBA TECH RESTORATION to prevent and resolve both for new construction and for the rehabilitation of existing buildings.